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Azure Spring Clean 2020

The spring is almost here, you can feel it in the air. Today looks like a perfect day for visiting the clouds.

I ring the bell. While waiting I take a moment to admire that cloud tenant in front of me. So this is the cloud, the magical place everyone is talking about? Spectacular!

The door opens. "Hi there, welcome!" - said Azure Bit with a squeaky voice. He is already wearing an apron and it looks like he is ready to get to work.

What is your name?

Nice to meet you!

Before I can get inside I have to get an account, register biometrics, use MFA and so on. Clouds are very secure these days.

Azure Bit greets me with a nice custom dashboard and offers me a comfy chair. The spring is here, and we have to get ready. There is a big Azure Spring Clean ahead of us.

Our main focus for the spring is the Azure Management. We will have to look at everything from monitoring to security. Each day we have one area to explore and several tasks to complete.

"Thanks for coming up here to help me, buddy! I promise you a fun ride and a special prize when we are done."

Let's do it!